Break the Box

Positive Despite OAB

Overactive bladder (OAB) is a chronic medical condition that has a way of zapping your positivity. Once, you were full of optimism and hope and your saw your future full of promise. Now, it seems that OAB demands incredible amounts of your time and energy.

Every decision you make and every place you go is influenced by the condition. This leads to stress and burnout as you can no longer see a future without OAB. As positivity declines, pessimism invades.

There is a solution, though — in fact, there are nine of them. By taking active measures to improve your life, you boost positivity and crush negativity. Do you want to stay positive despite OAB? Here’s how:

1. Follow the Recommendations

Your doctor has given you a lot of valuable information regarding your condition. How much did you hear? How much did you miss? How closely have you been acting on the recommendations, and how much have you ignored?

If part of the problem is the poor relationship between you and your doctor, take steps to find a new one. With a level of comfort, trust and understanding towards your treatment team, your symptoms can improve, and you will feel more positive as a result.

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